Sunday, 19 June 2011

Late Afternoon at the Grand River

Another trip to the Grand River with my camera and several less than impressive photo’s later and I managed to get something I could crop into submission to create a somewhat decent reference photo. 

The original picture:

Grand River

The cropped version:

Grand River, Cropped

And my final pastel painting. I changed the basic shapes of the shrubs to make them more abstract and simplified the trees so it was a little less busy. I also moved the shore line to make the line more interesting and musical.  Once happy with the layout, I sketched the landscape in with hard pastels/pencils then blocked in the basic masses, followed by the more time consuming details.  My materials included Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils, Nu-Pastels (hard), Unison and Terry Ludwig Soft Pastels on Wallis paper which has become my favorite pastel surface. 

Late Afternoon at the Grand River 12x18" Pastel on Sanded Paper

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