Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Serviceberry Study

Spring Serviceberry Study, Soft Pastel on Uart/Canson Board, 9 x 12"
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With spring just beginning to emerge here in Southern Ontario, I thought that it would be a great idea to do a study of a sparkling white serviceberry tree which is a native tree or shrub in this area. There are several beautiful trees growing nearby and a few of the shrub form including one that grows on the north side of my house. The juicy red-black berries are just adored by the local bird population including my favorite pair of cardinals. It’s always a treat to look out the living room window see them sitting in the shrub devouring the berries as fast as they can before the bossy robin shows up to spoil their fun.

 I found a beautiful picture online somewhere, probably Flickr, of a large specimen and decided to try a study despite the fact that the composition was less than impressive, hence the reason for this only qualifying as a study, well and it’s pretty small. I tried to use as many of the soft warm pink, violet and blue tones to make the white flowers stand out as much as possible without creating too much contrast. Once again this is Ludwig’s and Unison’s on Uart paper mounted on Canson Board.


  1. What a show Barbara , a true feast for the eyes! And I can totally follow your enthusiasm looking at the of my favorite 'sports' too, so funny to observe them :-))

    1. Thanks Jane, yes I love birds and have several indoor cockatiels and budgies as well so it's never quiet around here. Wild birds are really funny, we have so many around here including the more rare and endangered species. We're truly blessed in this area with all the natural habitats typical of the Carolinian Belt.