Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oregon’s Silver Falls Study

There is something very beautiful about waterfalls that does make painting a few a must for most landscape painters. I’ve been researching the most notable waterfalls around the world and came across Silver Falls in Oregon, US and knew that I just had to paint this one. Hopefully research will yield more lovely pictures of this area, regardless, I will be returning to this subject. This particular waterfall is the Lower South Falls so one of my next waterfall subject will be the North Falls. I used Girault’s, Unison’s and Ludwig pastels on Uart paper.

Oregon's Silverfall Study, pastel on Uart, 9x12"


  1. I actually live near this state park. The falls, several of them, are beautiful. I did a post about one of our short day trips there.

    Gorgeous painting of them!

    1. Your very lucky to live near that little spot of heaven, one day I hope to visit. I'll check out your blog. Thanks for spotting by.