Sunday, 1 July 2012

Spring Tree In Pink Study

I completed this study after getting the new Ludwig Vibrant and Maggie Price Essential Grays pastel sets and find that those vibrant pinks take some getting used to. I’m learning to like the colours but they are so different than the softer earthy tones that I usually use, but I wanted to liven up my pastel palette a bit and this set certainly does the trick. The Essential Grays is a very nice too although those lightest colours still aren’t light enough for me; however, it is an endlessly useful set. 

Spring Tree in Pink, Pastel on Uart Paper, 9x12”

The painting itself is composed mostly from a few colours from the Essential Grays, Vibrants and Plen Air set. I wanted to capture the mighty size of this tree which can be difficult in such a small space but I hope that I managed to capture the majesty and some of the beauty. I don’t know what kind of tree this is although it might be a crabapple; however, the beautiful pink and burgundy colours attracted my eye.

My new sets of Terry Ludwig Vibrants and Essential Grays


  1. Amazing colors in these just want to go in there and admire them, great depth , too !

  2. Love what you did! Love pinks and nature anyway. Gorgeous!

  3. wow,they are vibrant indeed.
    You have captured the majesty of the spring tree xx

  4. Thank you everyone, good to hear that you all like the painting, with those new and vibrant colours.