Monday, 20 August 2012

Mountain River

It was time to get a little practice painting mountain scenes since this isn’t something that I usually do and it did prove to be less of a challenge than I thought it would. I liked the contrast between warm and cool colours in the reference photo and chose a warmed colored paper for the purpose since I wanted the image to really pop. I like the violet of the mountains and the cool greens of the evergreen trees to harmonize with the warmed oranges, gold’s and pink’s which I hope that I’ve succeeded with. I tried a new paper with the Pastelmat since it’s getting really hard to get Wallis paper and didn’t really like the lack of tooth that this paper has but it’s probably something that I will get used to and the pieces is finished much faster than it would be with a toothier surface to fill. Still, I like the layering that I get with Wallis and Uart better. Perhaps it was due to the shallow surface but I found myself using a more blurred and softer mark then I would normally which doesn’t translate with the photo as much as I would like.

Mountain River, Pastel on Pastelmat, 12×15”

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