Wednesday, 12 September 2012

English Hawthorn

I actually did this painting back in June but forgot about it until I was going through the pictures on my hard drive. This is a smaller study from a photo of the English Countryside featuring hawthorn trees in full bloom. I thought it was a departure from my usual colors and themes and gave me the opportunity to use a few of those pretty pinks in my Ludwig Vibrants pastel set. I also used a little more green than I have been recently and thought it was fun to pick up those spring greens again. We used to carry hawthorn trees at the nursery I used to work at but stopped carrying them since they always had problems. I guess they aren’t plagued by insects and disease in the UK or at least these ones weren’t when the picture was taken. I used my usual Terry Ludwig, Unison and Girault combination of Uart paper.
English Hawthorn, Soft Pastel on Uart Paper, 9x12”

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  1. Wonderful painting and beautiful nature.
    Lovely greet