Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Evening Sky

We went for a drive down to the lake and I decided to bring my camera with me and had a chance to capture the evening sky as the sun was drawing closer to the horizon. I was impressed with the cerulean and silver colors and the way the light was reflecting off the clouds. When I went to my easel with the composition I decided that it needed a little more color than the photo was showing so I added a little pink and lavender to the sky as well. I think that it’s an improvement.  I also enlivened the colors on the ground and simplified the composition so the ground wouldn’t compete with the sky for the viewer’s attention. The original photo didn’t come close to capturing the beauty of the scene so I relied on memory to depict that, not sure how close I came but it was a good effort I hope. Perhaps the dark blue of the sky is showing more in the picture of the painting than it actually does in the painting itself, but aside from that I really don’t have any issues with the colors of the photo. I also used some of those lovely pinks in the Ludwig Vibrant set. I also wanted the picture to be fairly abstracted compared to my usual detail in the hope of conveying the simple beauty of the scene. Perhaps I should have put a little of the green from the land into the bottoms of the clouds and I should have broken the tree line up a bit but other than that I happy with this one.

Evening Sky, Pastel on Pastelmat, 12×15″
The Original Picture


  1. Brilliant pastels and eveneing skies. beautiful work Barbara.
    lovely greet

  2. Its really beautiful as it is Barbara xx

  3. Thanks Claire, guess it will be staying as it, since I rarely pickup an artwork after being finished for so long. lol

  4. Your pastel is incredibly similar to the original...but even more beautiful, great job !