Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Autumn Trees Study

As far as I’m concerned it’s autumn all year when it comes to art, especially if you find another painting on the computer that you actually finished last September. Yes it’s another autumn scene in January (this time), and there’s another one after this. I do find winter to be uninspiring however I’m working on a winter scene now using some new paper so we’ll see how that goes; I’ll be sure to post it when it’s finished.
With this painting, I wanted to capture more of those warm gold’s and dark purplish brown tree trunks that look so well together. This is just a small work but sometimes working small is more fun and the work is finished a lot sooner. There’s something very gratifying about whipping out the pastels and finishing a painting in few hours. I tried to combine pink and orange in this painting which might not be the wiser course of action but if you pick the colors very carefully it can turn out ok. I tried to capture the spiky quality of the grasses and the soft, round shapes of the leaves using various marks and hope that I described the textures accurately.

Autumn Tree's Study, Pastel on Uart, 9×12”

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