Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pink Haze

This painting started out as an autumn scene that I did back in September and forgot to write about it, but the pink colors remind me more of spring then fall therefore I calling this a spring scene.  I really liked the pink tones in the photo that I was working from and wanted to convey a soft ethereal quality suggesting a light mist or fog. I was working a Pastelmat too which doesn’t take as many layers of color although I’m learning how to get more out of the paper, the Ludwig’s especially allow me to build on them since the layers of pastel seem to stick to themselves. In some places I managed to build up three of four layers which is better than my two to three layers originally. I also wanted to give the viewer the sense that it might have just rained so everything has wet shimmery, wet quality.

Pink Haze, Pastel on Pastelmat, 12x15"