Friday, 9 August 2013

Spring Walk

Found a spring themed painting I did a few months ago so it might be a little out of season here in the middle of summer but thought I would post about it anyway. Pink is the dominate color and I’m really not sure what these trees are although I think that they might be cherry trees. I wanted to simplify the forms and reduce the amount of detail and make this a little more abstract and I think that I have succeeded with this objective. This puts me in mind of a spring day just when the sun comes out after a rain storm. I used my favourite Terry Ludwig and Unison Pastel combination again including a couple pinks from that scary Ludwig Vibrant set which is taking me some time to get used too however I do like to enliven and warm up my paintings with these colors too.

Spring Walk, soft pastel on paper, 9x12"


  1. Beautiful work :)

    Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you :) T.

  2. Hi T, thanks for the kind comment and for following my blog.