Saturday, 30 November 2013

Woodland Fire

Now that the snow is on the ground and winter has set in I wanted to post a nice colorful picture of some maple trees that have turned a lovely bright red autumn color. There is something exciting about the autumn that can inspire a certain vibrancy of spirit in a person who is in connection with the natural world. And yet there is a kind sadness of things passing into the realm of endings until the next rebirth of life, however there are lots of warm and cheerful colors which are a welcome site once the snow is on the ground or even if it’s not in your area. 

My materials include artist quality pastels by Terry Ludwig and Unison on the high quality Wallis Pro White Pastel Paper. I don’t spray my paintings due to the color change which darkens and kills the vibrancy and also due to asthma which makes it really difficult to deal with the fumes. 

Woodland Fire, Pastel on Wallis Pastel Paper, 12x18”

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