Artist Statement

Artistic Integrity and Art as the Expression of Spirituality

In the process of creating art an artist comes to realize that they are something like an instrument that is necessary for the expression of the artwork, which in turn becomes almost like a living entity that requires a particular dedication from the artist. In this way, many artists seem like perfectionists when they are actually something more. 

We are in fact striving or needing to create the piece in the manner that it demands of us, and we can’t stop and call the artwork finished until it says it is finished. Is this perfectionism? Or is this artistic integrity? 

There seems to be a strong element of this prevailing theme found among artists down through the ages and I like to think that my work has a tiny bit of this theme as well. With my paintings and drawings I strive to create art that captures the majesty and powerful beauty of the natural world and it’s many ways of expressing itself, be it though a serene solitude or a stormy gale, or by way a particular haunting presence. Art should convey a mood, and feeling about the subject or place that the artist needs to recreate in their own vision. I like to capture the Presence of Place, the influence of weather and climate, the comings and goings of the creatures who inhabit that place even if they are just vanished from the scene.

I would call my landscape painting style abstracted realism since I hope to capture elements of the subject realistically but also hope to render the undertones of the subject that may not be immediately apparent to the viewer. My methods involve either working from nature or from a collection of photos where something about the Presence of the subject can be felt, and then I wish to capture this spirit of the landscape by altering the image as I recreate it on the canvas. The photo becomes merely a take-off point from which I can allow the creative process to elaborate on the subject sometimes finishing with something quite different than the original image. I do not consider a painting successful unless I have interpreted and recreated this spirit within.

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