Thursday, 9 June 2011

Grand River Gallery

I wanted to share my latest bit of news, I have been accepted into my first gallery since picking up the art again. The Grand River Gallery is located in Caledonia, Southern Ontario, Canada, and is a lovely place to enjoy viewing beautiful work by several talented local artists. The owner, Rene Ariens accepted my pastel Woodland Path and my orchid portrait Lady Rothschild as part of his collection for the next few months. Be sure to drop by the gallery if you're in the area.

The website: Grand River Gallery

Woodland Path, 2011
Paphiopedilum Lady Rothschild, 2010


  1. congratulations ,they are stunning paintings and will look amazing,wish I could drop by!

  2. Thanks Claire. Very true, looking at pictures online is nothing like seeing the artwork in real life. I haven't been back to the gallery to see how they look framed either.