Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rain Along the Hills at Sunrise

Ever since childhood, Wales UK has always held a certain appeal to me, something that I can’t easily explain but it’s always been there nevertheless. My mother’s family may have come from there originally but my own research points more in the direction of Yorkshire, England than Wales but the family migrated to Canada back in the colonial days so the history has probably gotten a little muddled. I watched BBC video about the old Megalithic standing stones of the UK and when the host started talking about the Welsh history and showing the exceptionally hauntingly beautiful and lonely landscape I knew I had to get a few stills and work from those.

This painting was based on Cerrig Duon in mid Wales and I left the standing stones out since I was more interested in capturing the feeling of the landscape and the beautiful sky at sunrise. Adding the rainfall over the hills was artistic license at work since I don’t believe that it was raining in the documentary; however, I’ve heard that it rains a good deal in that part of the UK so I’m probably not far from the truth.  I used a fairly cool and low-key value system in the hopes of capturing the eerie feeling that I was picking up from the video. One day I’ll have to visit this place!

Rain Along the Hills at Sunrise, Pastel on Wallis, 12 x 18"
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  1. What a majestic sky!
    Gorgeous painting, Barbara xx

  2. Thanks Pat, this painting has been getting a lot of attention, perhaps I should do more skyscapes.

  3. Triton drop by to say "Hi~!!"

  4. Incredible sky, really awesome!

    1. Thank you, good to hear that you think it's an incredible sky.