Thursday, 17 October 2013

Japanese Maple in the Autumn

I have two beautiful Japanese Maples growing in my garden, one is the burgundy Bloodgood Maple that changes to a bright red in the autumn and the other is a small cut-leaf variety called Ever Red which also turns a bright red so I have affection for bright red maples. Therefore I decided to use some vibrant reds and oranges for the foliage of this tree and like the way it turned out. Some of my work is much brighter than it used to be. I used Terry Ludwig and Unison Pastels on Wallis Pro White Paper in the 12x18” size.

Japanese Maple in the Autumn, Pastel on Paper, 12x18"


  1. Hello, I discover your blog that I like so much, your creativity too! Adventures and very beautiful photographs of yours paintings, great work !
    I am amateur photographer; I was registered to follow your publications.
    Do not hesitate to visit to me over my blogs, thank you at you, have a nice day!

  2. Hi Cath, thank you for visiting my blog and I'm happy to hear that you like my artwork and think that they are nicely photographed. I'll be sure to visit your blog too.