Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn Birch Walk

Strangely I started this composition in oil pastel last fall and didn’t finish it since I didn’t like the paper; I also found that I didn’t find oil pastel suitable for landscape painting since the colours aren’t subtle enough. I had put it down and forgot all about it until I took a minute to look through my reference images for autumn themed paintings, and decided to use the old reference for a new soft pastel.

The colours don’t seem to be as bright this year, probably due to the dry summer, so I decided to tone the colours down in this one and make is more impressionistic. It seems that every landscape artist needs to attempt birch trees since they have such lovely bark although they aren’t my personal favorite. I hope that I managed to create a bit of depth in this painting which is something that can be difficult to do with woodland compositions; I also focused on conveying life energy and movement by using the pastel marks to create harmony with an almost musical quality.

I also used the white Wallis Professional paper which is indeed wonderful but not a toothy as the Belgium Mist and neither is as thick making it more likely to tear if you aren’t careful when removing the tape from the edges. 

Autumn Birch Walk   12x18"   Soft Pastel on Wallis Paper
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  1. Beautiful paintings!You capture nature's colours wonderfully! :)

  2. Thank you Paula, I guess I haven't visited my blog in awhile!

  3. Hi Barbara, I found you via Original Art and I walked through your Blog. beautiful, beautiful work you made. I am a beginner and live in the Netherlands and started a few days ago my Painting Blog - Marja's Creativity beside my Stamping Blog. But your work is so gorgeous and wonderful landscape paintings.
    I will come back for sure and wish you a happy New Year.
    Lovely greet Marja

  4. Hi Marja, thanks for looking through my blog and for the kind comments, I also enjoyed your artwork as well. I haven't been as good with keeping it up lately but hope to return to art production sometime soon.

    Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. found you via flickr group.
    Happy to be following. xx

  6. Thanks Pat, I had a look at your website and enjoyed your work. Flickr is a great place to find many talented artists.